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What makes for your ideal day in Brookhaven? Chances are it depends on the day! The best way to gain a greater appreciation of the city is to just get out there ­– whether you feel like taking in some incredible art in a gallery, cheering on a local team at and exciting sporting event or joining an insightful wine tasting. Along the way, you might stumble upon your next adventure.

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A Day in Brookhaven

Learn great tips for customizing even the shortest visit – whether you’re looking for a fun family outing, a picturesque hike or a special dinner with a loved one.


Murphey Candler Park

At 135 acres, Brookhaven’s largest park offers multi-use fields, tennis courts, a swimming pool and a playground. A small lake is great for fishing and is home to numerous species of animals from beavers to Canada geese. Surrounding it are dog-friendly trails perfect for hiking or jogging. Whether you want to get active, meet in one of the picnic areas or simply unwind for a spell, Murphey Candler is a delightful diversion.

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