Around the World in 80 Flavors

2 Min Read

For a city with a relatively small footprint, Brookhaven sure does pack in quite the United Nations of cuisine offerings. You can pretty much spin a globe when it comes to choosing your international flavor. Let’s take a quick tour of just a few of the area’s amazing array of options:

With strong Armenian roots, family-owned Hovan pleases their guests with authentic Mediterranean food. Their spicy shawarmas are balanced by some of the freshest salads in the area, including Tabouleh and Fattoush.

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen serves up favorites such as Golden Tibs and flavorful lentil stews. If it’s your first experience or you’re simply looking for an insider’s scoop, the staff here is super-friendly and ready to share their extensive knowledge.

Craving a little south-of-the-border flavor? Look no further than Verde Taqueria. They offer a wide range of specialty tacos and some truly magical margaritas. Their queso is so good you’ll be excused if you feel the urge to lick the bowl.

If you’re really having trouble deciding, just take a stroll down Brookhaven’s stretch of Buford Highway in the BUHI neighborhood – a hotbed of food from around the world. The countless options here include the Havana Sandwich Shop with its causal Cuban classics, and Panahar, home to some of the area’s best Bangladeshi cuisine. Nearby, Pan Paleta offers a tasty variety of Latino baked goods and frozen treats for your sweet tooth.

So go ahead – let your taste buds dust off their passport. You can’t go wrong, whether it’s an incredible lunch buffet or a quaint dinner. And pretty soon you’ll be acting as a tour guide, directing friends to some of your favorite “hidden gems.”